5 Greeting Cards That I Can’t Resist

So, a few days ago I took a bit of a shopping spree…and probably spent about £100 in one day. Bad, I know. However, on the upside I got a tonne of great products, and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Particular favourites of mine were the gorgeous cards I bought from Paperchase. Though I do admit that they are definitely overpriced, they’re just full of goodness! I couldn’t resist.

If you love anything that’s aesthetically pleasing, you’ll love these!

Inappropriate Behaviour (Birthday Card) – £2.50 – I love the design of this card. It’s cute, and looks incredibly pretty, but it’s also great for an older friend…probably one who enjoys a drink or two. I already have someone in mind.

I Miss Your Face – £2.50 – This one is perfect for my best friend; she’s on a year abroad  in Spain and I haven’t seen her in SO long! So, I though this would be a great reminder for her that I love and miss her lots. I think this is a great card to give anyone who you’ve drifted away from recently, but would love to stay in contact with; it’s just so sweet, and can get any friendship back on track!

I Think I’ll Keep You – £2.50 – Ever feel like you want to remind a loved one just how much they mean to you? Well, of course a greetings card is the way to do it. I can’t wait to write this one out!

No Cause for A Llama Brother (Birthday Card) – £2.50 – I’m a bit early with this one, but April is an incredibly busy month for birthdays in my family. So, best to be prepared early! Plus, this is just hilarious – if you have a brother who loves a bad joke, you’ve just got to get this card.

Typographic Heart Charm (Mother’s Day Card) – £3 – With mother’s day coming up soon, I just had to get a gorgeous card for my Mam. This is super sweet, and I know she’ll love the words on it. Paperchase had a great selection, but if you struggle to put your feelings into words then let this card do it for you.

Top tip – next time you go shopping for a card, stock up on a few extras, with generic ‘happy birthday’, or ‘get well soon’ on, etc. This way, you’ll avoid the panic of having to buy a card last minute for a friend you’re supposed to be meeting in 10 minutes! Oh, sorry I’m late. No, I definitely didn’t forget…

Is there a certain brand that you just can’t resist, even though it’s super pricey? Let me know down below! And if you want to see what else I bought, you can check them out here.

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