How to Waste Your Student Loan in Style

So, you’ve had your student loan for two weeks and you’ve already booked a holiday to Zante, bought three designer handbags, and now you’re sat eating days-old takeaway pizza on your kitchen floor debating whether you’re going to have to become a Sugar Baby in order to pay your rent for the next month. Well, if you’re going to waste your student loan then it’s got to be done in style.

That’s where Eleven James comes in – an online watch company that enables you to hire some very expensive jewellery for a few months at a time, at a fraction of the price you’d pay to own it. Now, when you’re staring at your watch hoping that your lecture will soon be over, you can remind yourself that what you’re wearing probably costs more than you’ll earn in your entire life. Oh well, at least it’ll make for a great Instagram.

Or, if that wasn’t enough, you could always save up your money and get a human bowling ball at $5,500 because…well, why the hell not? If it prevents you from paying your rent, you could always crawl inside and spend the night.


But don’t worry too much; your next loan is just around the corner, so see if you can make that pizza last a couple more days.

Good luck!

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