5 Celebs You Need to Add on Snapchat

We all love Snapchat, but something that makes it much more enjoyable for me is some of the great Celebs that I follow on there. They’re absolutely hilarious, and their Snapchat stories make my day.

White Moose Cafe (whitemoosecafe)- This is my favourite Snapchat account, run by Paul of Dublin’s White Moose Cafe. If you aren’t aware of this company already, it’s pretty controversial, and you can find all about it here. But, don’t worry, it’s all light-hearted humour, and you’ll be left in stitches at some of the snaps he posts.

Anna Saccone (asacconejoly) – If you’ve read my Favourite YouTubers post, you’ll already know just how much I love Anna Saccone, of the SacconeJolys. She regularly posts on Snapchat, providing us with some hilarious snaps of her two children getting up to mischief, and often Jonathan (her husband’s) involvement too!

Philip Schofield (phillipschofe) – We all love a bit of Schofield, and his Snaps are the highlight of my week. We can allllll relate to his posts.


Chrissy Teigen (chrissyteigen) – Chrissy is known for being hilariously honest, and her Snapchat is definitely another way for her to share with us her most intimate, embarrassing moments. This is a favourite of mine.


DJ Khaled (djkhaled305) – This might seem like a bit of a weird one, but DJ Khaled is actually quite interesting on Snapchat. Providing us with tips on how to ‘win win win no matter what,’ you’ll either find out some great, life-changing tips, or at least be in hysterics when things don’t quite go to plan. Like this

Who are your favourite Celebs to follow on Snapchat? Let me know down below!

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