What I Ate Wednesday (No. 2)

I have a confession to make; in last week’s What I Ate Wednesday I said that I was trying to eat a bit healthier, but Easter weekend has definitely defeated me. So, I’ve been allowing myself to have more treats than usual, and I ended up going out for a meal too. Oops.

8:30am: After my quick morning workout, I decided to mix things up a little bit from my typical bowl of Weetabix to some Mini Chocolate Weetabix. Crazy, I know. I’m also continuing to take an Actimel daily, and a vitamin supplement, but I haven’t noticed any major changes yet – I’ll keep you updated!

12:30pm: I really wasn’t in the mood for cooking something special today, so I searched the cupboards for something quick and easy, and found a tin of spaghetti with sausages – perfect! Although this certainly isn’t the healthiest option, I do love it once in a while, and I was also really craving some toast! Mmm. Also, sorry for how awful this picture looks – it’s hard to make tinned food look appetising!


2pm: When I’m revising I just can’t resist a bit of chocolate to keep me going, and with plenty of Easter eggs around the house I just had to have a bite…or two!


6pm: Now, this is where things go from bad to worse. After meeting up with a couple of friends, we decided to head to MOD Pizza and, of course, I just had to go all out. Just look how good it is!


Maybe next week I’ll be a bit healthier…that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

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