Blog Scheduling 

Hello everyone,

The next few weeks are going to be a little bit different on the blog. I have exams almost every day from 16th-23rd May, so things are pretty busy! 

So, to make my life that little bit easier I thought a bit of scheduling on the blog would be a good idea! This will be the general plan for blog posts each week from now until the end of my exams (and maybe a bit later too!):

Monday: Monday Motivation

Tuesday: General Guest Posts 

Wednesday: What I Ate Wednesday

Thursday: Random

Friday: Why I chose … University (guest posts) 

Saturday: Revision Tips on…

Sunday: Weekly Round-up

As you can see, Thursdays are the only day I don’t have a certain topic to stick to, so if there’s anything you’d like to see me write please do let me know!

This strict scheduling isn’t permanent, but it does help me to keep on top of things for the next few weeks! And, if you’d be interested in guest posting please let me know as I love having a range of topics discussed on this blog, and hearing what others have to say!

Don’t forget to follow, with a new post every day at 6pm during the week, and 1pm on a weekend! 


2 thoughts on “Blog Scheduling 

  1. I need to get better at my blog schedule too! I have decided on “meatless Mondays” (vegetarian recipes), “Washington Wednesdays” where I do a local post, and tomorrow I am starting with “Fab Fridays” (beauty post). I have been pretty random lately so hopefully this helps get me organized!


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