Anyone Else?

This week has been SO hectic. I’ve been feeling incredibly stressed, and to be honest I’m pretty exhausted.

I feel as though revision is never ending; no matter how much I do, it just doesn’t feel like enough.

I have so many great ideas for my blog, and even for my YouTube channel, but I’m struggling to find the time or the motivation to get started!

However, from Monday I will be following a reasonably strict schedule on the blog, which you can find all about here. This will also involve a lot of time away from social media, which isn’t ideal, but unfortunately that’s life – at least for the next few weeks anyway!

I wanted to write this post to reach out to anyone else who is struggling with University at the moment, as I think it’s really great to share concerns with other students, and work together towards some sort of solution! Chances are, someone else is struggling with exactly the same issues as you, so it doesn’t hurt to be open and honest! It could make your life a whole lot easier, and you may even make a friend through it too!

Please reach out to me if you’re feeling down or concerned, as I’d love to help…and I could probably do with a long chat too!

We can do this, even if it involves a lot of complaining along the way!

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8 thoughts on “Anyone Else?

  1. I am in the exact position as you! I’m working the hardest I’ve ever worked but even giving myself a break makes me panic I’m not doing enough. However I want to practice what I preach and give myself regular breaks. And they definitely help! How are you doing break-wise? I am blogging every day in May (you do that anyway- you’re a blogging hero!) and I think it’s massively gonna help with my productivity and happiness levels when it comes to revision.
    Keep going- you can definitely do this! (And complaining is a necessity!) ❤


    1. I feel exactly the same! I never go out or do anything except for Uni work/actual work/blog and it’s just crazy, but I feel so guilty if I do go out, even though it’s probs good for me! I’m not great at giving myself breaks to be honest. My exams are two weeks away so I feel like there’s no time! Ah that’s exciting! Are you looking forward to daily blogging? Haha it’s a nightmare sometimes but it is helpful for motivation etc! Thank you lovely, you too! If you ever want to chat just drop me a message, we can moan together hahah! xx

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      1. I definitely understand! Although when people say to me, “you should have a break” I want to tell them exactly why I can’t, today I had a 10 minute walk earlier and it did do wonders. Good luck in your exams! I am excited and terrified, all at the same time!
        The same goes for you- drop me a message whenever! ❤ xx


  2. Next week is even going to be much worse. Juggling so many things is crazy. Blogging, virtual assistance and med school. I need a break. Now I have an exam coming up I have to start preparing for. Insert tears here. But I’m so happy and grateful for all of it. Like I always say everything you love should be a healthy combination of crazy and laughter.


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