Weekly Round-Up (No. 7)

This week has been crazy busy, and my blog has definitely suffered a little bit – sorry! But, I have been pretty productive, and I’m edging closer to exams being over – only 23 days to go!

This week I headed back to Uni, meaning lots of stressful lectures and tutorials. But, it was quite nice to get out and about for a change, as revising in the house all day every day can get incredibly boring!

I also spent a lot of time searching for a very expensive addition to my life, which I’ll be picking up next Sunday, so keep an eye out for next week’s Weekly Round-Up to find out exactly what I’ve been getting up to! I’m very excited!

Somehow, I also ended up eating out twice this week…in the same restaurant. How I managed that I’m not quite sure, but I’m definitely not complaining! Look at this delicious food!

Myself and James have also started watching a new BBC series, called This Country, and it is hilarious! I would definitely recommend it. I love a good comedy, especially when I’m having a down day, like I was yesterday.

Apart from that, this week has been a little bit boring. But, like I said, there’s not long to go until exams are over, which means lots of exciting stuff is just a few weeks away!

I also won a Twitter competition a week or so ago, for a Kat Von D eyeshadow palette, so I’ll be trying out lots of new make-up looks, like this one, and may even upload some YouTube tutorials over the next few weeks!

How are you spending the next few weeks leading up to exams? Are you feeling stressed and confining yourself to your desk, or are you staying positive and making sure you have plenty of breaks?

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