Why I Chose Durham University

If you’re struggling to decide which university to apply for, worry no more. Every Friday from today onwards, you’ll be given an insight into various different unis across the UK, with real students giving their reasons for studying there.

So, to start the series off, here’s why I chose Durham University…


I’ve always pushed myself to the furthest limits, especially in terms of education. So, when it came to choosing a University my first thoughts turned straight to Oxford and Cambridge. But, I soon realised that, although Oxbridge is incredibly prestigious, it probably isn’t quite right for me. I didn’t want to be too far from home, and the courses were a bit too limited for what I wanted to study. 

So, I then looked at Durham University – another prestigious University, but one much closer to home, and which taught the course I wanted to study.

Close to home

I’ve always been quite independent, so I couldn’t wait to move away from home and start living as a student. But, I didn’t want to be so far awa that if things went wrong (which they did) I’d have no-one to turn to.

So, I would suggest choosing a University that’s relatively close to home (at least a train ride away) if you’re a bit anxious, or uncertain about how happy you’ll be there.

But, don’t let it be an overriding factor; if you’ve found the perfect course, and the perfect uni, there’s always a way to solve issues with distance.

Supported Progression 

Although I’ve always been a relatively high achiever, I’ve had to work incredibly hard to get my grades. So, when I found out about Supported Progression, a programme that provides students with the opportunity to receive a lowered offer alongside a bursary, I just knew that this was perfect for me.

Instead of needing A*AA to get onto my English Literature and Philosophy course, my grades were lowered to AAB. Plus, I’m given Β£5,500 every year to study there – what more could I possibly ask for?!

Of course, there are a number of other factors to take into consideration when deciding which university to study at, such as accommodation and the way you’ll be assessed, but this is often completely relative to the individual. So, do lots of research and visit many different universities before deciding!

Good luck!

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