Monday Motivation: 5 Feel-Good Films

Mondays can often leave us feeling a little bit down and disheartened, but sometimes all you need is a feel-good film to get your day off to a good start.

So, if you’re struggling to find motivation this Monday then why not try one of these five films to get you going?

  • School of Rock – If you’re looking for something a bit different, this is the film for you. Not only is this great for lovers of rock and roll, but it’s a real laugh-out-loud film, with lots of over the top humour! Perfect for a down day!
  • Love Actually – We all love a bit of Love Actually – and if you don’t, you should! If you’re not a fan of romantic comedies, don’t let that put you off; this is an incredibly likeable film, and before you know it you’ll be watching it on repeat!
  • The Parent Trap – This is the perfect feel-good-film for every member of the family, young and old. Charming, funny, and even romantic, it’ll definitely leave you with a smile.
  • 50 First Dates – Not going to lie, this is a bit of a cheesy one, but it is so incredibly sweet that you’ll not regret giving it a go! And, if you love Adam Sandler, even better!
  • Dirty Dancing – An absolute classic, this film is a must see. With some incredible chemistry throughout, you’ll soon be swooning over the pair! And, if that’s not enough to convince you, its amazing soundtrack should be!

If that wasn’t enough to get you motivated for the day ahead, why not try some TED Talks instead?

What’s your favourite feel-good film?

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