Guest Post: My College Accommodation Story

Hello everyone. I’m going to share with you my experience of living in student accommodation and also halls of residence. I went to college in Glasgow to study a HND in Complementary Therapies. In my first year I stayed in Victoria Halls, which is near the main Buchanan Bus Station in the centre of Glasgow.
I shared a flat with boys and girls. You did have the choice of a mixed flat or the same sex, but i decided that being with all girls can sometimes lead to bitchy situations so I thought that mixed would be much better. The people I shared the flat with were fine – we all got along and rarely saw each other really as were out at different times. The problem was the noise; the walls were paper thin, and you heard absolutely everything. After the first few weeks it wasn’t as bad because most of the parties were over and done with, and you expect partying with it being students so you can forgive that right…But then it started, the nightly sexual activity from the room below me – I was like oh my god lets hope this isn’t going to happen for the whole year I am living here haha!
Well, to my discomfort it continued constantly – it was like a brothel under me. Now, I am no prude at all; even the boys in my flat and the other girl was single, so you know what I’m saying!! But, there is a time and a place. We don’t all need to be hearing your antics.
This continued and I wasn’t getting any sleep at all, and not being sharpest tool in the box I needed sleep to be able to concentrate and study. I even went to Argos and bought a TV to drown out the noise and it didn’t make a blind bit of difference. I even changed rooms with one of the boys to other side of the flat – as I said, brothel hahah – it just continued even when I had friends staying they were mortified haha.
I finally left the halls as I couldn’t take much longer so I went home for the holidays and started looking into flat-shares. Now, I will say go and spend some time in student accommodation as i do think that everyone should experience it, but it wasn’t for me!
In my second year I managed to find a flat share in Anniesland in Glasgow with two girls that weren’t students and within a few days it seemed like it was going to go great – they even greeted me with a card and some chocolates.
I can safely say this didn’t last!
As I said before, I’m no prude; we all have needs and the likes but there is such a thing as having respect for others, and lets say this particular girl had no morals or respect for others. She would have sex with her door wide open, and it backed onto my room. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was with loads of different guys!
Not only was that disgusting and inappropriate but they were eating our food, using our bathroom products and not bothering to use them all up without replacing them.
I felt so uncomfortable I even sent her a text message asking if she could respect us a little more, keep the noise down and be more private when others were around, but this just made the situation much worse!!!
She also was so disgusting with her habits and hygiene – her room was a riot and stank, she would use every single dish in the place and not wash up, and so in the end we would have to do it all ourselves so that we could even just make a cup of tea.
One day, I came back from college and she had taken my clean washing from the machine and dumped it on the floor as she needed her stuff!! I mean who does that?!
I was so annoyed and sick of her lack of respect, but I don’t like confrontation so this situations was making me so stressed and ill.
It got to the point when I needed the situation to change, then one night she asked to speak to me so I thought fine lets chat, and she said I was stealing stuff from her and the other girl who shared the flat. Gobsmacked and taken aback, I asked her how could she accuse me of such a thing and for proof. I can assure you, I have never stolen a thing and as it turns out she knew that – she just wanted me out as she didn’t like the fact that I was getting sick of her behaviour!
After this, I decided to look back on the flat-sharing site to find somewhere else to stay, and low and behold I came across my room, with all of my belongings in, up for rent!!!! They had only gone and taken photos of my private bedroom that I’d paid rent for, and had clearly done this behind my back!
This was the end for me – I couldn’t be treated like this any longer, so unfortunately I had to call my dad to come all the way from Skye to pick me up and take me home. I stopped my course, as I had nowhere else to stay, and my health was suffering so I had to make the change.
I packed up my stuff and got the hell out of there, so in my experience flat share was a total nightmare! My advice to you is…
1. If you can afford it, get a flat on your own.
2. Stay with people you know, or friends that you get on with.
3. If your parents can rent a place for you then that’s fantastic.
4. Otherwise, stay in student halls!
I know not everyone has a disappointing experience and that there are people with respect for others, but I was just unlucky. I hope this was interesting for some of you, and good luck to you if you are planning on moving out!
Who am I?
I’m Julie Barbour, a blogger and YouTuber from Isle of Skye.
Instagram: make_up_lover1983
Snapchat: is julie-30
Twitter: @julie_barbour
I have also created a YouTube video to go along with this, which you can find here.
I would like to finish by thanking Lauren so much for her kindness and showing me support and becoming a friend.

One thought on “Guest Post: My College Accommodation Story

  1. In my opinion and experience, living with girls (keep in mind that I’m also a girl) is way worse than to live with guys. Guys don’t care, and they don’t make “bitchy” situations. It’s really hard to live with someone you don’t know nothing about. On my college days, after my freshman year, I worked to pay for a flat just for me (and later my boyfriend) and I felt I was in paradise!


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