Guest Post: Why I Chose The University of Derby

Deciding where to study is a big and difficult decision because ultimately it’s the start of your potential career and your home for the next three years – no pressure. Hopefully I can help you with the decision-making process as I talk you through my four reasons for studying at The University of Derby!

I didn’t know that I wanted to study Marketing until I took a year out after my A-Levels and worked in a Marketing Department. That’s when I realised that if I wanted to be a Marketing Manager then I’d need a degree to get me there.

When I looked for courses there were LOADS of universities offering Marketing and Advertising degrees, so how do you choose just one university?

My Grades

This was the eye-opening part for me because suddenly that massive list of University courses available becomes a lot smaller when you consider the grades you are predicted/ the grades you got at A-Level.

As part of the UCAS process you should apply for up to five Universities, and so choosing my options from the courses I was eligible for was kind of difficult. I ended up applying to just four universities:

  • Lancaster University
  • University of Derby
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Northampton

I received unconditional offers from all four as I already had my grades, so the next part of my decision making revolved around the course content.

The Course

Course content was important because I wanted to know exactly what I’d be learning about and how the course would be taught at each University. What stood out to me at The University of Derby was that the course was examined through coursework alone, which was perfect as I hate exams.

Another key point for me was that the University has great links with the Marketing Industry in Derby, and so having practical course content alongside learning was really attractive for getting experience in the industry.

From what I remember, the other Universities didn’t stand out as much in terms of course content, apart from there being more flexibility for choosing optional modules.

The Location

For some people the location of a University doesn’t matter to them, but I wanted to make sure I was in driving distance from home. All the universities I applied for were, apart from Lancaster University. This is the main reason I decided not to study at Lancaster.

I’m from a small town in Hertfordshire and I had never lived away from home, so I wanted to branch out to a city when I went to University and so Northampton, Derby or Nottingham seemed to fit.

I researched each city and decided that I was mostly drawn to Derby. I found out that the Peak District was only about half an hour away from the City Centre, meaning that I could have the best of both worlds being in Derby.

Open Days

Once I had decided that Derby was where I wanted to be, I made sure to visit the University to confirm my decision. I ended up going to the University three times before actually starting my degree.

I attended an Open Day to find out more about the courses available and the University facilities. This was great to see where I could be studying, and for interacting with members of staff.

I also went to an accommodation Open Day where I could visit the halls of residence, find out about the prices of the accommodation, and view the facilities on site. This was important to me as I knew that Derby was not a campus based University and had lots of halls of residence to apply to. I left that day knowing exactly where I wanted to live.

The last Open Day I attended was a Course Taster Day, where I could meet other people studying the same course as me, and we could get a feel for what the course would be like for the next three years. This, for me, was the most important Open Day I went to because it gave me a chance to change my decision if I didn’t like what I experienced.

Choosing where to study is a hard decision, and my advice would be to review your grades, check the course content, research the location, and visit the university on an Open Day. And, remember there is no wrong decision with choosing a University. If you really don’t like it after you’ve started you can change University or simply go home. There’s always a Plan B!

Who Am I?

I’m Lilli, 22 years old, and just about to finish my Marketing and Advertising degree at The University of Derby. I recently secured a graduate job at a Marketing Agency in Derby and I am relocating to a new flat in Nottingham. Blogging is a hobby for me and I love to talk about fashion, food, drinks, university and travel. A new emerging hobby is arts and crafts, so I’m looking to get into this more when I finish my degree.

Blog: www.lilliandco.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lilliawalsh

Twitter: www.twitter.com/lilliawalsh


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