What I Ate Wednesday (No. 6)

Just a heads up, this week’s What I Ate Wednesday is going to be pretty boring. I have exams all week, so my eating habits haven’t been ideal, and I’ve not had much free time for my blog. But, since this is real life I thought I’d stick to my blogging schedule and post this anyway!

7am: Just before leaving the house (in a mad rush) my mam cooked me up some scrambled egg, using two eggs, and a slice of whomeal toast. A high-protein breakfast, full of goodness to prepare me for exams!

9am: As my exam starts at half 9, I thought I’d have a quick banana to keep my energy levels up. For some reason, this has become a habit before all of my exams, to the point where if I don’t eat a banana before my exam I will panic and have to run to the shops!

10:30am: I’m not sure if this is the norm for all Unis, but we’re allowed to take one item of food into our exams, so I opted for a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and had them about halfway through! Mmmm.

1pm: Once I arrived back home from the exam, I had some delicious homemade leek and potato soup before getting back to revision.

3pm: Then, things went a bit downhill. Like I discussed in this post, I’m a huge comfort eater and I have actually been doing quite well recently and have lots a few pounds, but it’s exam week so I am going to allow myself some treats. So, I tucked into a left over Easter egg, yum yum yum!

5pm: For tea, I had a piece of chicken breast wrapped in parma ham and some rice. Boring!

7:30pm: Finally, I may or may not have had some toast followed by Maltesers. Don’t judge!

How do you manage cravings during exam period? I just can’t stop eating!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of images – like I said, it’s a super hectic week!

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