Guest Post: Why I Chose Weston College

This is a guest blog written by Charlotte from Charlotte Writes Beauty. Be sure to check out  www.charlottewritesbeauty.wordpress.com  for more content.

Choosing which University to go to is seriously stressful business; you spend your weekends travelling here, there and everywhere to go to University open days in the hope that you’ll find somewhere you like. Quite often, if you’re going down the academic course route, then you’ll have a wide option of places to study. But what if you’ve chosen a more vocational course? You’ll soon find, compared to your friends’ overwhelming amount of choice, you can pick from merely a handful of  places.

When applying for University, I knew that I wanted to study Musical Theatre, I also knew that there aren’t too many Universities that offer this course. One thing that I did not know, was that the Universities that do offer it, don’t run the course at their main campus, but rather from a close by affiliated college. Now, I’m aware that nobody ever goes to University hoping to spend more time with the BTEC age group, but many of us don’t get that choice.

Eventually, I chose to study at Weston College in Weston-Super-Mare, an affiliate college of Bath Spa University. My course was FdA Musical Theatre, with an optional BA(Hons) top up for the third year.

One upside of choosing an affiliate college is much smaller class numbers. There is no chance of your lecturer not knowing your name when there is only 20 people in a year group! Friendships are closely formed, as you generally only live with the people on your course, so get ready to get real close real quick. I personally loved working in a small group; being friends with everyone in your class was a nice perk for me, as I had heard many times from friends at other universities that they don’t know everyone on their course. I definitely couldn’t imagine going to a University where I walk down the corridor and don’t know everyone’s face.

I have to say, the first year student accommodation left a lot to be desired. They weren’t so much halls, but rather just an old retirement home turned student house. Have you ever walked into the home of 27 first year students that have never lived away from home before? It led to the most ridiculous amount of house meetings, mainly about why is the house covered in pizza boxes and flies. Some quick advice on choosing your student accommodation:

  • Get yourself an en-suite – you will not regret paying an extra few pounds a week once you see the state of the shared one. One example being the shared shower on my floor, which had a giant window in the door – who decided that?!
  • Make friends with someone who has a big room; you’ll need somewhere to hang out after the living room gets overtaken by Xbox  and rubbish.
  • Don’t choose the accommodation that houses the most people thinking you’ll make lots of new friends. Be realistic and know that you will end up despising most of them once freshers week finishes.

One important thing to remember when choosing which University you want to attend is gut feeling. One of the Universities I auditioned at I hated the minute I walked through the door. No matter how good the course was I just couldn’t imagine myself ever going there. Try and picture yourself attending classes there. Can’t see it in your head? Then it’s not the place for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to love everywhere you visit; your parents will not hate you if you drive 4 hours away to visit a University and end up disliking it. Remember, you’re choosing your home for the next 3 years, so don’t pick something that you’re unhappy with!

Once you’re at Uni, there will be times where you think that you can’t do it. You might think about dropping out, but just remember that you’re not alone. Yes, University is one of the most stressful times in your life, but it is also one of the most rewarding. I couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere else for University other than my little affiliate college. It truly provided me with the best memories and lifelong friends. And once you reach Graduation day, you’ll realise that all of the stress and deadlines were worth it.

I hope this post is useful to all future students who are in the same position as I was. If you have any questions feel free to message me on my social media accounts:

Twitter – @char_campion

Instagram – @charlottevcampion

Also, remember to check out my blog for posts on beauty, travel and lifestyle.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Lauren for letting me guest blog on her site. I love writing about my university experience so thank you for letting me share that with your followers!

Thank you for tuning in,


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