Weekly Round-Up (No. 11)

This week has been so incredibly relaxing, and it’s so nice to just have some time to myself for once. Exams are finally over, and although I am back to work I’m definitely feeling a LOT happier!

My final exam was on Tuesday, and as soon as I got home I packed and headed down to Grimsby, where my boyfriend is staying with work. He’s actually staying in a lovely log cabin within The Manor Golf Club – fancy! With everything you could possibly need, plus a hot tub, this has definitely been worth the three-hour drive.

Though I haven’t been able to see James as much as I would’ve liked, with him working during the day, I’ve really enjoyed just spending some time by myself, catching up on blog posts and binge watching the Kardashians (I know, judge me).

I’ve also filmed a new video, which you can find here!

Plus, the weather has been absolutely incredible, and I may have even got a tan!

Unfortunately, I’m now back at home so I can’t relax quite as much from now on but I do have a lot to look forward to this summer, including my first night out in a long time tonight!

What have you been up to this week?

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