Guest Post: Pros and Cons of Uni

Over the last one and a half years, I have learnt a lot both in what I am studying (Politics and Psychology) and about myself. The things I have learnt about myself are both good and bad and what I have learnt about Psychology and Politics is both interesting and some boring. I have also learnt both pros and cons of university because it isn’t all butterflies and rainbows but it also isn’t all rainclouds and worms.


Meet new people

I was somewhat shy when I started uni. I was also the only one out of my friends going to the uni I chose. Let me put that simply, I knew NOBODY! Now, 1.5 years later I have met so many amazing people, – don’t get me wrong. I have met some slightly crazy people and some not so great people but for the most part, people are totally different to high school and almost everyone is lovely. I have met lots of friends and you might even meet your future sweetheart (It’s almost guaranteed you will get in some sort of relationship or get a crush of some sort – Good luck with that by the way).

You discover who you are a lot more

I have learnt so much about myself. For one I can’t be bothered with drama; if somebody comes near me with drama I will block them. I have done this with a couple of people I have met at uni and while it might seem extreme I’ve learnt that it isn’t worth wasting your time on shitty people. I have also learnt to just be happy in the moment, and if things are meant to be they will be. I have also learnt about what I want from the world.



This is a big one and I’m not going to lie it has made me reconsider uni at times. Is it really worth it to be in so much debt afterwards? Honestly, I can’t answer this for you because I still don’t know the answer to it. However, I do know that if you are passionate about what you’re studying it won’t matter. My best advice: “Do what you have a passion for and that is when you will make the biggest difference.”

Potentially for no reason at all

Let me explain- I have two points here 1. A degree from uni doesn’t guarantee a job and the second you may decide to do something in a completely different field once you graduate, or you may decide halfway through that what you are doing isn’t for you and you’ve gotten into debt for no reason.

Paige Weatherall is the author and owner of paigemargaretblog.blogspot.co.nz. She writes about what she loves, what drives her crazy and her personal experiences with everything from beauty, food and fitness to mental health and dating (as well as everything in between).


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