Giveaway: Starbucks Gift Card & Zoella Beauty Bag

Recently, I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter - wahey! So, I thought a great way to celebrate would be to hold another giveaway. This time it's a big one! This is your chance to win a £10 Starbucks Gift Card and a Zoella Beauty Bag. What more could you possibly need?! Even I'm a bit jealous that I'm having… Continue reading Giveaway: Starbucks Gift Card & Zoella Beauty Bag


Giveaway – Winner!

2 weeks ago yesterday, I posted a giveaway on my blog to celebrate reaching 500 followers on Twitter. This gave followers on all of my social media accounts, including this blog, the opportunity to win a £5 Lush Gift Card, 3 face masks, and a Blistex Lip Moisturiser. Today, I collected every single name together,… Continue reading Giveaway – Winner!