Revision: Lecture Notes

Exams are just a few weeks away, so it's probably a good idea to start revising properly (if you haven't already!) But, before you read on, I would suggest creating a study timetable, which you can find all about here. Done? Great! Let's begin. Although attending lectures may not be compulsory, it is an important part of… Continue reading Revision: Lecture Notes


How To Get The Most out of a Lecture

Most of us know, far too well, just how easy it is to sit at the back of a lecture theatre, hungover and tired, and not take anything in. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, we can often forget just how useful a lecture can actually be. But, with a few tips you'll soon be on your way… Continue reading How To Get The Most out of a Lecture

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The Struggles of Surviving a 9am Lecture

Surely that can't be my alarm? I think I'm still drunk. Best just snooze it. Again. And again. Hmm. Can I skip this lecture? The notes will be up online later anyway. No. I'm paying £9,000 a year for this; I can't miss it. Plus, if I go this week I won't feel so bad skipping it… Continue reading The Struggles of Surviving a 9am Lecture