Dechox March: I SURVIVED!

If you don't know already, for the past month I've been taking part in Dechox, a British Heart Foundation campaign. This involved giving up chocolate throughout the whole of March to raise money for life saving research. As I mentioned in my original post, this is a cause that's close to my heart, as a few… Continue reading Dechox March: I SURVIVED!


Budgeting at Uni: 8 Things to Remember

If you're planning on attending University this year, there's a lot to think about. One of the most important factors will undoubtedly be money, whether that's Student Finance (which you can find all about here),  deciding whether or not to get a job, or simply working out how much you can afford to spend, and… Continue reading Budgeting at Uni: 8 Things to Remember


My Everyday Makeup Look (Red Lip)

My everyday makeup routine is pretty basic, and it usually only takes around 15 minutes to complete. But, I still manage to leave the house feeling confident (most of the time anyway) because I know what works well for me, and how I like to look. I'm certainly not suggesting that I'm a pro at makeup, as that's… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Look (Red Lip)


How to Waste Your Student Loan in Style

So, you've had your student loan for two weeks and you've already booked a holiday to Zante, bought three designer handbags, and now you're sat eating days-old takeaway pizza on your kitchen floor debating whether you're going to have to become a Sugar Baby in order to pay your rent for the next month. Well, if you're… Continue reading How to Waste Your Student Loan in Style

Applying to University

Top 5 Reasons to Go to University

Once you've left college, or finished your A-levels, there is often an expectation to go to University. A lot of us seem to assume that it's the right thing to do, but we don't often think about why. So, here are 5 reasons why you should considering studying at University. It's likely to improve your career… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Go to University